Sometime just after the last Ice Age, Steve Ford walked into the old tin shed which comprised the clubrooms of Riversdale – Boroondara Cricket Club at Highfield Park upper oval. Riversdale – Boroondara had 3 teams at that time. Almost 40 years later Steve is still at Boroondara – albeit now a much larger club based at Victoria Road with 7 senior teams, 22 junior boys and girls team and boys and girls blasters programs.

Boroondara congratulates “Rowdy” on his 500th game this weekend. This is an amazing effort considering the majority of these were 2-day games. Over that time Steve’s mesmerising medium pace wobblers, delivered off a gentle relaxed run up, have taken over 600 wickets. Batting has not proved quite as fruitful, as Steve nears 1000 runs, however he is a fixed no 11 and willing umpire for our side when batting.

Steve in playing mode

While Steve’s playing performances are laudable, it’s his off-field efforts which have been immeasurably important to Boroondara. Steve has been club treasurer for over 35 years. It’s notable that his role as treasurer incorporates far more duties than the conventional model. Add supplies and bar logistics manager, chief barman, senior/junior/blasters registration manager and equipment and uniform logistics manager to the usual requirements.

This preseason saw Rowdy, as always, spending endless hours working on registrations and then the best part of a week unpacking, checking, distributing and exchanging a huge amount of club apparel.

Steve and his apparel empire

Steve is a quiet, humble and unassuming man. If these traits qualified as an Olympic sport, Steve would be the gold medallist. Steve truly is one of those rare people whom nobody dislikes. He is one of Boroondara Cricket Clubs’ most valuable assets and the club is exceedingly grateful to Steve for his enormous contribution over decades.

Steve has fully capitalised on his life membership – awarded in 1995. Now closer to 70 years old than 60, Boroondara applauds the illustrious milestone of his 500th game and hopes our beloved Rowdy still has quite a few more games to come.