Our Partners

The Eastern Cricket Association (ECA) is a strong association for clubs in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. The ECA has its origins dating back to 1903.

The Boroondara Cricket Club is a proud member of the ECA and one of the largest clubs in the association. The Cobras field teams in just about every grade available in the ECA across juniors, seniors and veterans.

Visit the ECA website for more information.

The City of Boroondara is in Melbourne’s inner and middle-eastern suburbs, five kilometres east of the central business district.

The Boroondara Cricket Club is proud to be a part of the City of Boroondara community and the majority of the facilities we use are owned and carefully maintained by the council, including our home at Victoria Road Reserve. We are extremely grateful for their support in helping the game of cricket to thrive in the local community.

Visit the City of Boroondara website for more information.

Cricket Victoria has a long and proud history in the sporting landscape of Victoria. having been formed in 1907 from amongst cricket clubs still recognised as Premier Clubs today. As cricket and the community continue to evolve, Cricket Victoria seeks to foster and uphold both the laws and the spirit of cricket (as outlined in the Preamble to the Laws of Cricket by the Marylebone Cricket Club) – ‘an exciting game that encourages leadership, friendship and teamwork, which brings together people from different nationalities, cultures and religions’ – emphasising values such as respect, fairness and self-discipline.

Cricket Victoria seeks to continue to promote cricket as a game that is truly diverse and inclusive. We’re for cricket!

Visit the Cricket Victoria website for more information.